[pdftex] subsetting questions

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Thu Apr 17 04:57:10 CEST 2003

>>>>> "ruu" == ruu  <ruu at pacbell.net> writes:

    > 1) How can one require pdfTeX to always subset fonts?  Or, does
    > it already?

Look into pdftex.map.  If you see lines ending with <cmr10.pfb
the font is subsetted.  To embed the whole font it should look like
<<cmr10.pfb.  If such an entry is missing, the font is not embedded at

    > 2) Why does pdfTeX sometimes include Computer Modern fonts in
    > documents that I prepare using the Times package?

As long as you use characters available in the font, cmr is not
loaded.  But if you use other characters, you might get them from cmr.

If you use Helvetica, you will get cmr as well.  The reason is that
you then use a sans serif font for the text, but page numbers are
still typeset in serif.  To avoid this you can \usepackage{times} as

    > 3) When I use the Times package, and ask for sans-serif fonts, I
    > get Arial embedded, according to Adobe Reader, even though
    > Helvetica is listed in the left column as the original font.
    > Why?

It's a bug in Acrobat.  But if you send the file to a printer you
probably get Helvetica.  

Create a small pdf file.  In Acrobat, print to a file and look into

    > 4) To use the many font packages included with Miktek, do I just
    > put \usepackage{<package name such as Times>} in the TeX source,

Yes, if either the metric file or the real font is not installed, you
will get at least a warning message.


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