[pdftex] Inserting movie file

Stueker, Dirk dirk.stueker at volkswagen.de
Tue Sep 24 09:32:05 CEST 2002

I want to include movies as "interactive graphics", rather than annotations.
This means I want to see the startframe (or endframe) of my moviefile and
the file should be played when klicking on the picture. Afterwards the first
(or last) frame should be displayed again.

For this reason I defined the following command:
 {\pdfannot width #2 height #3 depth 0cm {
  /Subtype /Movie /C [0 0 0] /Border [0 0 0] /Movie << /F (#1) /Poster true

In my document I use 

Unfortunately the behaviour is not like exspected:
1. The startframe is shown, but the graphic *overlays* the text.
   How can I achieve a textflow arround it?
2. When I click on the image, the video is played, but it *jumps* a few
   upwards. What's going on here?
3. After the video is played, the graphic *disappears*. Scrolling up and
down in the
   document brings it back again.

My pdftex-Version: 3.14159-1.00c-pretest-20020426.

Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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