[pdftex] Extra fonts in PDF file

Thierry Bouche thierry.bouche at ujf-grenoble.fr
Thu Sep 12 22:41:01 CEST 2002

Le jeudi 12 septembre 2002, à 20:15:09, David Waller écrivit :

DW> Hello,
DW>         I have recently configured my pdflatex to use true type fonts and this
DW> works very well on simple files.

DW> On more complicated files, using hyperref and other packages the files start
DW> to use different fonts and different encodings such that it complains it
DW> can't find my new font and substitutes a CM font.
DW> I used T1-WGL4.enc to encode and use font encoding T1 (I think), but the
DW> warnings in the log complain about not being able to find OMS/ encoded
DW> fonts.
DW> The question is how can I find what is causing these extra fonts to appear
DW> and is there an easy way to force my fonts to be used. I have already set
DW> sfdefault and rmdefault to use my font family.

yes, this is a latex question, nothing to do with pdftex!

if you set a rmdefault family, latex will use it for everything. Math
fonts are just implemented as encodings switches, so OML, OMS fonts
will be needed. You can control this by making omlxx.fd for family xx,
where you can just ask for certain substitutions, or better by
creating virtual math fonts, which requires quite some work,

Th. Bouche

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