[pdftex] Setting the font

Tobias Haustein tobias.haustein at aixigo.de
Tue Sep 3 15:04:58 CEST 2002


I've written a program that writes PDF drawing instructions in order to
produce some vector drawing. I can include this graphics using the \pdfliteral
command and everything works as expected:

\pdfliteral{ q 10 10 100 100 re s Q } % draws a rectangle

However, there remains a small problem: In order to select a font, I need to
know the font id (the id used in the pdf file). Since I have no clue of how to
get this id, I've tried to make pdftex to select the right font:

\pdfliteral{ q }\Huge\pdfliteral{BT (Hello) Tj ET Q} % should write Hello in
Huge font

The problem is, that pdflatex does not write the font selection code, if no
text is written to the pdf file. Is there a way to make pdflatex write only
this font selection code (e.g. BT /F25 24.787 Tf ET) to the pdf file?

Thanks, ciao,

Tobias Haustein

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