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Patrick Riley pfr+pdftex at cs.cmu.edu
Wed Sep 4 12:01:01 CEST 2002

jitkomut writes:
 > 3. In pdfslide package, i notice that the when i open pdf file inserted \pause command in acrobat reader, no buttom to click for the next page. 
 > i mean if the 1st page of slide has 4 line when i click next buttom, it show each line orderly (or we can enter the keyboard).  But sometime i also want to go to the next page quickly by ignoring \pause effect. what can i do?  the box contain the page number doesn't work too. 

I put this is the footer of my slides to navigate the document more
easily. I got part of this from someone else on this list I beleive,
but I forgot to write down the attribution :-(

\newcommand{\pfrslides at ControlBar}{\ifthenelse{\boolean{pdf}}{

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