[pdftex] hyperref bookmark again

jitkomut nungu at control.ee.eng.chula.ac.th
Wed Sep 4 22:13:25 CEST 2002

hello again

thanks for hyperref's advice . anyway i've tried hypbmsec package but it still doesn't work. In myfile.out, it export the name of outline correctly. so i think that actually my problem is about Thai font.  is it possible that bookmark menu problem is the result from acrobat reader program? ( but it can show Thai font in the document)

anyway i'll try \texorpdfstring  again,

and i also have another questions;

1. can i convert myfile.pdf  with the feature like booklet, double-sided paper etc.?  like the command "pstops", is there any command like that?
actually, i want to print many LaTex's manual in booklet form and my driver printer doesn't support that feature.

2. how can i set the color of math symbol in $ $ ?   ( in equation environment i can but i don't know how to write premble for math in $ $ )

3. In pdfslide package, i notice that the when i open pdf file inserted \pause command in acrobat reader, no buttom to click for the next page. 
i mean if the 1st page of slide has 4 line when i click next buttom, it show each line orderly (or we can enter the keyboard).  But sometime i also want to go to the next page quickly by ignoring \pause effect. what can i do?  the box contain the page number doesn't work too. 

Sincerely yours,

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