[pdftex] Re: .svg and pdflatex

h+i na199 at worldonline.de
Thu Nov 28 12:04:53 CET 2002

As svg is vector graphic, there are commands like "Draw a line from 
coordinates (n,m) to coordinates (x,y). Very much like pstricks or 
postscript, which both would serve our purposes. It is strange that until 
now nobody has developed a (simple?) "translator".


> On 2002-11-28 01:21:53 +0100, Matthias Muenzner wrote:
> > is it possible to use .svg vector graphics in latex documents? Can
> > pdflatex generate proper pdf-files with .svg graphic files? If it is
> > possible, let me know. 
> [This should be discussed on the pdftex mailing list. Reply-To is set]
> Noone has reported about this yet. You would need to convert the
>  .svg to something pdfTeX can handle, i.e. Metapost, pdf, jpeg or png.
> Metapost should be possible. pdf seems doable if you use an svg parser
> and a pdf lib.
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