[pdftex] Re: .svg and pdflatex

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sat Nov 30 17:17:46 CET 2002

At 10:30 AM 11/28/2002 +0100, Tobias Haustein wrote:
>Martin Schroeder wrote:
> > Noone has reported about this yet. You would need to convert the
> >  .svg to something pdfTeX can handle, i.e. Metapost, pdf, jpeg or
> > png. Metapost should be possible. pdf seems doable if you use an
> > svg parser and a pdf lib.
>I don't know of such a solution. SVG is a lot more powerful than PDF since it
>allows filter effects and animation. The other advanced features of SVG can be
>emulated with more or less effort. The filter effects can be approximated but
>you need to define a resolution to do them. Therefore, you loose the vector
>properties of SVG.
>An SVG to PDF converter that ignores filter effects and animation shouldn't be
>too hard to write. We've discussed this and decided to write a PDF parser
>instead. Our graphics library is then used to render the parsed graphic
>primitives in order to generate either PDF, SVG, Flash (SWF) or raster
>graphics (GIF, PNG, JPG, TIFF). Since there are SVG parsers readily available
>(e.g. Batik from the Apache project), such a converter shouldn't be too hard.

Since there are svg viewers, why not write a plugin into acrobat? 
[unfortunately, the movie plugin does not not support the quite powerful 
applescripting which is part of the movie spec]

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