[pdftex] naive question regarding concatenating pdfs

Donald Ball dball at rhoworld.com
Fri Nov 22 11:06:21 CET 2002

>To avoid the problems with your terminal, you can try without
>     emacs `kpsewhich --format=cnf fmtutil.cnf`
>and edit the file. Then call
>     fmtutil --missing
>This should create the missing format files.

This worked like a champ, thank you very much! Unfortunately, the process
still didn't work entirely as desired - the input pdf files are apparently
malformed in some fashion (generated by SAS, go figure), and the output pdf
file is missing some critical elements that appear in the input files.

Reckon we might give the pdftex beta a whirl as another helpful soul
suggested. Thanks to all for your assistance.

- donald

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