[pdftex] Minor Update of the "AcroTeX Bundle"

D. P. Story story at uakron.edu
Tue Mar 12 18:04:22 CET 2002

Just uploaded a minor upgrade to the "AcroTeX eDucation Bundle".

(1) Fixed a couple of macro definitions for \{ and \} which were 
supposed to be local, but they were defined as global. This 
overwrites the LaTeX definition of \{ and \}. This problem was fixed.

(2) Ross Moore contributed code to add 'textures' as an option to 
"AcroTeX Bundle"

(3) A technical accompllishment:  JavaScript 1.5 (used by Acro5.0) 
now throws exceptions on error, and has try/catch to catch these 
exceptions. Trouble is, try and catch are reserved words in earlier 
JavaScript versions. I originally thought it impossible to include 
try/catch in a pdf document being viewed by Reader 4.0, for 
Anyway, I've developed a technique for using try/catch that does 
not upset the stomach of Acro5. Consequently, the \assumeAcroV 
that appeared in the *.ins files have been removed.  AcroTeX code 
will used try/catch in Acro5 or later, and hide the try/catch in Acro4.

The updated version is at



Now, I simply must get back to work.


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