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Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Mar 11 00:46:20 CET 2002

At 05:42 PM 3/10/2002 +0100, Hartmut Henkel wrote:
>Dear PDF-fans,
>which ways are there for /Link annotations in MetaPost source, for
>pdf-output through TeX and companions?
>E. g. the way latex --> dvips --> epstopdf seems to work. I tried
>annotating MetaPost sources through special"[ pdfmark", then use
>\includegraphics{} in LaTeX to include the .eps picture from MetaPost
>and then do dvips and epstopdf.
>But I had no success through latex --> dvipdfm: After converting some
>x.mp with pdfmark link info into to x.1, and this into x.pdf by epstopdf
>for inclusion into latex, the x.pdf does not contain a meaningful link,
>e. g. one gets something like /Dest[4 0 R /XYZ null null null], but
>there is no object `4 0' in x.pdf. And no link appears after inclusion
>of this x.pdf through dvipdfm.
>Is there any trick to get MetaPost links through with dvipdfm?
>And how about the same using pdftex?

In ConTeXt one can say:

\setupcolors     [state=start]


Hello There! \blank

pickup pencircle scaled 5 ;
draw fullcircle scaled 4cm withcolor red ;
hyperpath "nextpage" boundingbox currentpicture ;
draw origin withcolor blue ;

\page This is an already pretty old feature and i must admit that i never 
use it.


The problem with this kind of functionality is that it is rather closely 
related to the way macro packages handle such things,

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