[pdftex] magic height 1.00376129150390625pt for coloring the rules

Stanis³aw Romañski stas at pkt.com.pl
Sat Mar 2 22:23:57 CET 2002


Is there something magic in the dimension 1.00376129150390625pt for pdfTeX ?
The rules of smaller height seem not to be colorable (and the higher ones,
The simple code

\pdfcompresslevel=0  \nopagenumbers
\pdfliteral{0 0.4 0.1 0 k} % Pink
\hbox{\vrule height 1.00376129150390625pt width 15pt depth 0pt}
\hbox{\vrule height 1.003761291503906249999999999999pt width 15pt depth 0pt}

gives two rules: the upper is pink and the lower is set black. Why ?
My tests show this does not depend on rule width; \hrule behaves the same
I am using pdfTeX, Version 3.14159-14g-pretest-20000912 (Web2c
Any suggestions how to fix it or go around ?

Stanislaw Romanski

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