[pdftex] How to force inclusion of ALL fonts in produced .pdf?

h+i na199 at worldonline.de
Thu Jul 18 21:24:20 CEST 2002

I would guess that the one and only way for PC´s is to have all  included as 
pfb-files which are loaded via "<.....pfb" in the psfont.map. Even pfa-files 
might do.

All other ways demand special abilities of your computer or your programs.


> Folks,
> I just ran into a nasty surprise when looking at my beautiful paper in
> the conference proceedings in which all my perfect right adjusted lines
> appear slightly (sometimes more so) ragged. Talking to the publications
> expert on the printer side it appears that the problem was that my
> pdflatex produced file included no fonts at all. On my local system this
> never showed up as a problem (even when viewing it in AR4 with "use
> local fonts" turned off). The current working hypothesis is that Acrobat
> is just very good at matching what I asked for, while the typesetter
> machine that set the proceedings (ACM published) did slightly different
> substitutions with the resulting jiggle all over the place.
> Question: how can I configure pdflatex (I am running the miktex
> distribution) to include all fonts used by a given document. In fact, I
> would be delighted to include even the "standard" fonts just to be on
> the safe side for next time. I searched the archives but could not find
> anything.
> Thanks much for your insights in this matter!
> Peter
> ---
> Font Info (as printed by AR4) reveals (what does all that stuff mean
> anyway?):
> Original Font              Type               Encoding            Used
> Font                         Type
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> CMBX9                    Type1             Custom
> [tons more CM{E,M,R,S} fonts with the same line as above]
> Courier                      Type1             Custom
> Helvetica-Bold           Type1             Custom
> Ariel-BoldMT                   Type1
> Times-Bold                Type1             Custom
> TimesNewRomanPS-Bol  Type1
> [and a number of other lines like the two above]
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