[pdftex] How to force inclusion of ALL fonts in produced .pdf?

Peter Schröder ps at cs.caltech.edu
Thu Jul 18 11:17:01 CEST 2002


I just ran into a nasty surprise when looking at my beautiful paper in
the conference proceedings in which all my perfect right adjusted lines
appear slightly (sometimes more so) ragged. Talking to the publications
expert on the printer side it appears that the problem was that my
pdflatex produced file included no fonts at all. On my local system this
never showed up as a problem (even when viewing it in AR4 with "use
local fonts" turned off). The current working hypothesis is that Acrobat
is just very good at matching what I asked for, while the typesetter
machine that set the proceedings (ACM published) did slightly different
substitutions with the resulting jiggle all over the place.

Question: how can I configure pdflatex (I am running the miktex
distribution) to include all fonts used by a given document. In fact, I
would be delighted to include even the "standard" fonts just to be on
the safe side for next time. I searched the archives but could not find

Thanks much for your insights in this matter!

Font Info (as printed by AR4) reveals (what does all that stuff mean

Original Font              Type               Encoding            Used
Font                         Type

CMBX9                    Type1             Custom
[tons more CM{E,M,R,S} fonts with the same line as above]
Courier                      Type1             Custom
Helvetica-Bold           Type1             Custom
Ariel-BoldMT                   Type1
Times-Bold                Type1             Custom
TimesNewRomanPS-Bol  Type1
[and a number of other lines like the two above]

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