[pdftex] Open type fonts

Kester Clegg kester at cs.york.ac.uk
Thu Jan 31 10:12:39 CET 2002

I have written a little perl script based on an article at
that sets up a true type font locally in a few seconds for use with pdflatex. 
It works great with ttfonts.

The script itself can use either ttf2tfm or a combination of ttf2afm => 
afm2tfm, whichever is installed. However the script fails with open type 
fonts as pdflatex claims it can't 
	"cannot open TrueType font file for reading"

Does anyone know of a means of accessing the open type fonts,  for example 
those bundled with Win 2000.  Is there a way linux users can access 'rich' 
fonts, like Hoefler text that come with Macs?

Kester Clegg
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Department of Computer Science
University of York

Tel (01904) 432749

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