[pdftex] Han The Thanh's thesis on microtypography

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Jan 31 10:09:25 CET 2002

At 11:02 AM 1/31/2002 +0800, Guy Worthington wrote:
>I've had mixed results with margin kerning; I like the improvement
>of margin kerning with cmr10, however, to my eye, text typeset with
>palatino looks better without margin kerning.

the protcode vector you use should be tuned for a font (cmr versus 
palatino, normal versus slanted, etc). Thanh only provides the low level 
framework and one should build a protruding system on top of that (this is 
why context provides font dependent vectors and ways to influence the 
strength of protruding, which in itself puts some demands on the low level 
font system in terms of synchronizations and triggering); of course there 
is also the distinction between main body fonts and local font usage, i.e. 
when to use protruding or not.

btw, this font design dependency is one of the reasons why actually the 
vector should be part of the tfm file (if i remember right, this is was one 
of knuths suggestions: to extend the tfm file)

btw: i played with protruding in the metafun manual, which is a 365 page 
mpost manual typeset in palatino, and i decided not to use protruding 
there; one reason is that protruding only looks better when there is much 
text, while manuals consist of a mixture of text and
examples (i.e. often not right aligned).

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