[pdftex] segmentation fault

Sebastian Fischmeister Fischmeister at SoftwareResearch.net
Tue Aug 13 19:20:49 CEST 2002

Dear pdfLaTeX-group!

  Unfortunately I am experiencing a problem, which I would not have
expected with LaTeX. Hopefully, you can help me.

When I run pdflatex the following happens. It works well up to an
specific PNG image. Then both the Unix and Windows versions crash. In
the attachment, you can find the error report generated by Windows XP.
Unfortunately, pdflatex does not create a core file in Linux. Now the
weird thing:

When I reduce the DPI (300 instead of 1200 or 600) of the image (and
thus reduce the size of the picture), it works well. However, I run into
the same problems at some other place. So it cannot be this specific
picture. However, I tried to create a document consisting of 100 images
and this works fine, so it can't be the memory (the pictures all have
different names).

Hopefully you can help me with this, because I really do not want to
switch to any other word processing software and I bet pdflatex can do
the job properly.

Thanks a lot and best regards,
  Sebastian Fischmeister

PS: I am not a member of this list, so please include me in the cc.

pdflatex version:

MiKTeX-pdfTeX 1.23.1 (0.14f-released-20000525 Kacvinsky patch) (MiKTeX
Copyright (C) 1982 D. E. Knuth, (C) 1996-99 Han The Thanh, Petr Sojka,
and Jiri Zlatuska, (C) 2000 Christian Schenk
TeX is a trademark of the American Mathematical Society.
error message:

AppName: pdflatex.exe	 AppVer:	 ModName: pdftex.dll
ModVer:	 Offset: 0001b6a9

Document header


example figure command

  \caption{\textbf{Title sentence.} Some more text.}

--- StripMime Report -- processed MIME parts ---
  text/plain (text body -- kept)

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