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Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Aug 5 00:15:45 CEST 2002

At 09:57 AM 8/3/2002 -0700, Peter Schröder wrote:
>Hans Hagen wrote:
> > At 02:01 PM 8/2/2002 -0700, Peter Schröder wrote:
> >
> > >workaround, but not really a solution (in my opinion). To tell you the 
> truth,
> > >what I am worried about is that the publisher will say they simply 
> will not
> >
> > pdftex can produce pdf code that is nearly pdf/x(3) compliant (a few
> > administrative key/values need to be added), which is okay for publishers;
>I don't know enough about what this means. When a publisher sends me an 
>writer conversion settings file and insists that I use this to do the 

i recognize the problem, just shred those specs and tell 'm that you 
produce pdf directly; there ar lots of printing houses who rely on quark to 
handle postscript, who convert pdf back to ps, etc etc; in mostcases you 
can also safely say that you've obeyed their settings, since most are 
rather normal ones and/or refer to graphics which are often made outside 
pdftex and can be preprocessed with distiller or gs; also, you can use gs 
to convert pdf to pdf using their settings

>(which is what happened in this case), how can I in effect tell pdftex to 
>accordingly? See 
>http://www.siggraph.org/s2002/presenters/papers/proceed.html and
>in particular http://www.siggraph.org/publications/prep/PDFPrep.pdf. In my 
>all the fonts but the 14 base fonts were included. The resulting pdf file
>(http://multires.caltech.edu/pubs/Grinspun-2002-CHARMS.pdf) views fine and 
>fine on my end. But what was printed in the proceedings has ever so slightly
>ragged right edges. Closer examination reveals little jiggles in the type 
>(for example in the vicinity of dashes or italic parentheses). These are not
>present when I print this at home from acrobat. The only hypothesis we 
>have for
>now is that this is all due to the missing base fonts (I used the times 
>style) and
>somehow different base fonts behavior on whatever ripper the publisher 
>(ACM) used
>for the final proceedings. This hypothesis may be wrong, but I don't see 
>what else
>I could blame in the file for this.

well, it also depends on the names, used, as soon as Times is part of the 
name, browsers, postprocessors and who knows what/who starts acting clever 
and substituting; as long as you have the fonts embedded (14 base ones) you 
can safely blame the printing house, postprocessor, adobe, the rip acm 
uses, or who/whatever you want. If you search the archives of this list you 
will find a couplf of excellent postings by nelson about comparisons 
between 'fonts called times'.

> > actually, the problem is not with pdftex but with included pdf images that
> > come from other apps that can do tricky things

incomplete resources, complex shading or patterns, transparency, complex 
color spaces, faulty compressions, faulty pdf (photoshop 4 for instance 
produced unusable pdf), not properly namespaced font subsets, missing fonts 
or incompatible base fonts, not embedded system fonts, etc

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