[pdftex] map files again

Peter Schröder ps at cs.caltech.edu
Sat Aug 3 10:57:47 CEST 2002

Hans Hagen wrote:

> At 02:01 PM 8/2/2002 -0700, Peter Schröder wrote:
> >workaround, but not really a solution (in my opinion). To tell you the truth,
> >what I am worried about is that the publisher will say they simply will not
> pdftex can produce pdf code that is nearly pdf/x(3) compliant (a few
> administrative key/values need to be added), which is okay for publishers;

I don't know enough about what this means. When a publisher sends me an acrobat
writer conversion settings file and insists that I use this to do the conversion
(which is what happened in this case), how can I in effect tell pdftex to behave
accordingly? See http://www.siggraph.org/s2002/presenters/papers/proceed.html and
in particular http://www.siggraph.org/publications/prep/PDFPrep.pdf. In my case
all the fonts but the 14 base fonts were included. The resulting pdf file
(http://multires.caltech.edu/pubs/Grinspun-2002-CHARMS.pdf) views fine and prints
fine on my end. But what was printed in the proceedings has ever so slightly
ragged right edges. Closer examination reveals little jiggles in the type setting
(for example in the vicinity of dashes or italic parentheses). These are not
present when I print this at home from acrobat. The only hypothesis we have for
now is that this is all due to the missing base fonts (I used the times style) and
somehow different base fonts behavior on whatever ripper the publisher (ACM) used
for the final proceedings. This hypothesis may be wrong, but I don't see what else
I could blame in the file for this.

> actually, the problem is not with pdftex but with included pdf images that
> come from other apps that can do tricky things

Please explain.


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