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Sat Apr 27 09:01:51 CEST 2002

In Version 5, for outlines there are two new keys /C and /F, the first for
color, the second for style; 

/C [1 0 0]   % red bookmark
/F 1            % in italics

however after some experimentation, I haven't been able
to make the color or style attributes appear.  The trouble with \pdfoutline, is that
the user {} is for the action, and there is no other place to put these two keys

You can implement the color and style attribute of bookmarks using the pdfmark
operator, but not for pdftex, at this time. I would require a modification of the
/pdfoutline primitive.


\pdfoutline user {<</S /GoToR /F (CovHolyTrinBap.pdf) >>} count 0 

On 27 Apr 2002 at 9:45, Peter Abbott wrote:

> I would like to use \textcolor in \pdfoutline for example
> \pdfoutline user {<</S /GoToR /F (CovHolyTrinBap.pdf) >>} count 0 
> {\textcolor{red}{Baptisms}}
> but pdflatex complains and gives
> ! Argument of \reserved at a has an extra }.
> Peter
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