[pdftex] Attaching and dettaching a file to a PDF

Antonio Lou alou at mazars.es
Sun Apr 14 23:48:14 CEST 2002


I'm trying to attach _and_ dettach external files to a PDF in order to get
self-contained files for distribution.  So far I have hacked a few LaTeX
macros to do the job:

  % #1: File path to insert
  % #2: Text to show
  \immediate\pdfobj stream
     attr {/Type /EmbeddedFile}
     file {#1}

  % #1: Text to show
  % #2: Reference to the embedded file object
    << /F (#1)
       /Type /Filespec
       /EF << /F #2\space 0 R >>

  % #1: Text to show
  % #2: Reference to the /Filespec object
      /Subtype /FileAttachment
      /Contents (#1)
      /C [ 0 0.60001 1 ]
      /FS #2\space 0 R

So, you can say  \insertfile{C:/temp/test.xml}{test.xml}  and you get the
file <C:/temp/test.xml> embedded with an annotation in the PDF that enables
you to dettach it (I think this only works with Acrobat > 5).

However, when I open the embedded file from inside the PDF via the built-in
dettach tool , I get a byte at the end of the file (11111111) that wasn't
there before doing the attachment.  Any ideas?  I'm using pdftex Version
3.14159-1.00a-pretest-20010806 (MiKTeX 2.1)



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