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Sergio Dominguez sergio at skynet.ie
Tue Sep 18 19:45:19 CEST 2001


I am writing a presentation using pdflatex foils ppower4, and I am quite happy. but I hav two small problems. The fist is that I would like to use something like the command overlay of pdfslide,  to put some images in the background. I tried to load the pdfslide with my actual situation, but I had to change slides.clo and some more wierd things.... it did not work. Is there some way to do it with foils?? I cannot say I have a strong control of my work. I get kind of confused with foilhead, when mixing it with colors and headings. I know it has to be REALLY simple, but it happens that for ex. if I want to change the color of the background it also changes the colors of the previous pages... I have been looking for some manual or examples or somethng, but I cannot find much, does anyone know where to find something??

the other is... everyone is talking lately about jadetex?? Can anyone tell me what is that? I had never hear about it :-))

Thanks in advance

Best Regards


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