[pdftex] FullScreen in pdfscreen

Michael Chapman mchapman at mchapman.com
Fri Nov 16 07:14:20 CET 2001

Apologies in advance, but after half-a-day of trial and error we just cannot 
get the syntax right.

I want to get a pdfscreen generated file to open as FullScreen.

We are using LaTex and pdfscreen.
We lost our (home produced) customised pdfscreen.sty and pdfscreen.cfg files 
last week (back-up /usr as well as /home ... one lives, one learns, one dies 
a fool!).
We have managed to restore everything, but the syntax for this ?one line of 
code eludes us (after the hyperref manual, the pdfscreen manual, David 
Story's publications, Acrobat's pdfmark Manual, the LaTex web Companion, .... 
so apologies, but I am already embarrassed).


	Michael Chapman.

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