[pdftex] Indirect objects table size

Martin Schroeder martin at oneiros.de
Thu Nov 15 23:00:53 CET 2001

On 2001-11-15 17:05:57 +0100, Hans Hagen wrote:
> At 02:03 PM 11/15/2001 +0100, Martin Schroeder wrote:
> >I found it and have just compiled a version with obj_tab_size =
> >8388607 (the implementation limit of Acrobat 4.x). :-)
> Whow, that's nearly a cdrom full of bare object/reference data so imagine 
> that the objects also contain something; do you really need that much?

Probably not. But I don't want a customer calling our support
because TeX needs a wizard to enlarge it. 512k has not a large
enough safety range for my taste -- imagine a page with 32k
objects (difficult, I agree, but possible) included 128 times.

Best regards

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