[pdftex] tex2pdf 3.0 released

Steffen Evers mlone at forevers.de
Wed Nov 14 01:22:31 CET 2001

Hello everyone!

About: tex2pdf is a script that generates a PDF file from a LaTeX or LyX
document using tools like pdflatex and hyperref.

Changes in this release:
 * first stable release of tex2pdf in Perl
 * totally rewritten parameter/option handling
 * removed any unnecessary shell command: no more sed problems!
 * much better handling of referenced files
 * many, many other internal changes

Credits for this release:
 * thanks a lot to Fernando Perez for helping me with the porting
 * thanks a lot to Jean-Pierre Chretien for discussing many issues and
   giving me continuous feedback on the beta releases
 * thanks to anyone else who has helped me to get this done

More information: http://tex2pdf.berlios.de/

Bye, Steffen

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