[pdftex] Double name entries in fonts

K Efstathiou cefstat at pca3.univ-littoral.fr
Wed Nov 7 16:37:34 CET 2001

I have the following problem. I am using the Times New Roman TTF that 
is distributed from Microsoft in order to typeset with pdftex a 
document written in Greek. I have created  the necessary encodings. 
The problem is that instead of the Greek capital letters Sigma and Pi 
I get the corresponding symbols for sums and products which are 
bigger than the corresponding letters. This happens because both the 
capital letters and the symbols have the same names.

I was thinking of some ways of solving the problem. The easiest one 
is to edit the font and change the names of the capital letters. For 
reasons that have mainly to do with copyright I don't feel very 
enthusiastic about this solution.

The second solution is to change pdftex so as it will not give to the 
two math symbols the names Sigma and Pi (after browsing the code I 
came to the conclusion that it is actually pdftex that assigns these 
names to these characters).

The third solution is changing the format of the encoding file so as 
to be able to declare exactly which character we want to use by 
giving its number in the font. This requires also some changes to 
pdftex (to the code that parses the encoding file).

Since I don't know too many things about PDF and TrueType fonts I 
would like to learn if solutions two and three are acceptable or I 
will just have to live with the first solution.

Konstantinos Efstathiou

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