[pdftex] Hyperref bug?

Patrick Riley pfr+ at cs.cmu.edu
Thu Mar 29 11:11:17 CEST 2001


There are several hyperref options which affect colors. I suspect that
you need to set 'filecolor' (which affects URLs for local files). A
complete list of the options for hyperref for PDF can be found in
Sebastian Rahtz's document "Hypertext marks in LaTeX: the hyperref
package" (which I can't currently locate a URL for :-(


Anthony Roy writes
 > Hi all,
 > I have been using the hyperref package [2000/03/22 v6.70] for 
 > hypertext links with PDFLaTeX for some time, but have today come 
 > across a problem I hadn't previously come accross. When specifying a 
 > \href{?}{?} command to link to an external document, the link appears 
 > in cyan, *despite* the fact that I have urlcolor={blue} as an option 
 > in a \hypersetup command. ("blue" is a preset color I use, defined as: 
 > \definecolor{blue}{rgb}{0,0,1}
 > )
 > Note that I also have set linkcolor and citecolor to the same value - 
 > blue - and these work just fine.
 > Is this a bug in the hyperref package? If so is there a patch or 
 > workaround for the problem?
 > Cheers,
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