[pdftex] pdftex-pdfcrypt update

Martin Schröder ms at artcom-gmbh.de
Thu Mar 29 17:32:21 CEST 2001

On 2001-03-29 08:55:18 -0500, Mark A. Wicks wrote:
>     I hope that authors of PDF tools will respect the integrity of
> encrypted PDFs.  Don't you think that pasting a piece of a document or
> defeating the encryption on a document would be considered to be a
> "change"? 


>            The original author of the document (the person who owns the
> copyright) chose to encrypt to protect it. 

He encrypted it. I doubt that most authors who do this know what
they are doing.

>                                            That protection should be
> respected and not removed or bypassed.  The method of document protection
> described in the PDF specification *requires* that authors of PDF tools
> respect the flags in the document such as "not printable" and "not
> modifiable".  After all, if these flags are easy to defeat, what's the
> point of encrypting your own documents?

Encrypted (not modifiable) documents are a problem for pdf-based
imposition software (some simply ignore them); not printable
documents are simply "damaged" when they arrive in a printing

Best regards

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