[pdftex] building pdftex...pdftex.map

Dok, D. van d.vandok at ecn.nl
Mon Mar 26 13:46:31 CEST 2001


I've just built pdftex myself for the first time! Whoohoo!

I've been reluctant to do _anything_ outside the pre-build pre-packaged
system I run (vanilla Debian GNU/Linux, teTeX 1.0) but the outdated
pdftex shipped with it just wasn't up to it anymore.

My question: apparently the syntax for pdftex.map changed somewhere along
the way from 13d to 14f. At least I got errors such as: 

Warning: pdflatex (file /usr/share/texmf/dvips/config/pdftex.map): invalid
entry for `hlcbot8rn': too big value of ExtendFont (850)

but it went away after I said :%s/\"850/\"\.850/ (sorry non-vi speakers). In
english: ExtendFont now seems to require a fraction instead of multiples of

Is there a `proper' way of getting a pdftex.map for my system?

thanks already,

Dennis van Dok

(Who would like to get his hands at ikea.cls or ikea.sty)

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