[pdftex] pdf file not displaying properly in browser

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Mar 20 09:37:52 CET 2001

At 05:27 PM 3/19/01 -0500, Mark A. Wicks wrote:

>   That behavior sounds like well-known bug that occured with certain
>combinations of Netscape and the Acrobat reader plug-in.  I don't recall
>IE being affected.  I thought it had been fixed and I haven't seen it in a
>while.  If it's the same problem, the workaround is to load the document
>into Acrobat (the full-product, not the reader) and select the "optimize"
>option.  New versions of GS have a stand-alone optimizer.
I found out that its best to have (at least on windows) acrobat open before
clicking on a pdf link in the browser. Also, on slow connections, it seems
that time outs also play a role. Sometimes the in-browser acrobat screen
stays blank, but the goback button brings it up in a flash. I think that
there are some fundamental problems between caching, signalling, refreshing

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