[pdftex] absolute positioning of graphics(pdf's) using pdftex

David Etherington dre at transaction2000.com
Mon Mar 19 11:09:34 CET 2001

Hi again,

I am still looking for a way to absolutely position graphics (pdf's) in a tex document for use with pdftex.

1) I do not require any text in the document
2) I simply want to say:-

page height=10in
page width=10in

include graphic.pdf @position 4in x 3in
include graphic.pdf @position 8in x 7in


include graphic.pdf @position 4in x 3in



3) I have downloaded MikTeX for windows and have all the extra bits like latex.

4) I am very new to tex and to be honest cannot find help

5) I have had message re bophook but I do not know how to include this, set it up, what its syntax is etc.

Please Help.

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