[pdftex] Chapter numbering and chapter bibliographies

John Martin jwrmartin at dsgt.demon.co.uk
Mon Mar 19 10:27:20 CET 2001

I am generating a large (>200pp), multi-chapter document that I need to
maintain on a chapter-by-chapter basis (course notes for my students).
Currently, I am using hyperref and the latest (nearly) versions of pdflatex,
etc. I have no problems with the basic stuff, but have yet to tackle/resolve
a few bits and pieces. Before I don my digital waders and get into the
bowels of latex.ltx et al, I would like to check that no-one else has
invented this wheel before me. The things I want to sort out are:

1. Numbering by chapter and getting the thumbnail labels to follow suit.
Prologue stuff (title pages, contents, etc) would be i, ii, iii, ...,
chapters would be 1-1..1-n_1, M-1..M-n_x, epilogue pages (index, etc) would
be roman continuing from the prologue pages.

2. Bibliographic references by chapter with correct hyperlinking. I
currently use chapterbib with the osa bst and this appears correct, includes
all the correct BiBTeX entries but the hyperlinking is wrong. Has anyone had
better experiences with bibunits? Is this sort of thing sorted out by

I would be grateful for comments/advice or even an indication that you've
done it and it works!


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