[pdftex] pdf file not displaying properly in browser

Robert Howlett rhowlett at mail.usyd.edu.au
Sun Mar 18 20:08:45 CET 2001


I am puzzled by a minor problem that I am having now that
I have not had before, at least for several years. The
pdf files I create using pdftex (under Win95 or Win98)
display OK using acrord32, but when I upload them to
the place where my students are supposed to find them
and then attempt to view them in my web browser (both
IE 5.50 and Netscape 4.76) not all the fonts show up.
I'm using only cm fonts. On  my win95 machine I'm
using pdftex 0.14h and on the win98 machine pdftex 0.14q.
It appears to make no difference which of these I use.
I guess it must be something to do with the browser
plug-in. If I save the files to my disk and then view
them outside the browser then everything is OK. Worse
still, the behaviour seems to be erratic: sometimes it's
OK and sometimes not.

Any ideas, anyone?

The files I'm referring to in particular are

Bob Howlett

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