[pdftex] Setting the font the LaTeX 1 way (or, how do I use bibtex.sty?)

Bill Brooks wbrooks at lug.ee.calpoly.edu
Fri Mar 16 16:12:29 CET 2001


I'm using pdftex to generate .pdf files from my LaTeX sources. Since I
started using LaTeX after the release of LaTeX 2/e, I never had a way of
finding out how to set the font in a LaTeX document the "old" way.
Unfortunately, I want to generate a list of all the documents in my BibTeX
.bib file, and the style that allows me to do that, biblist.sty, is a
LaTeX 2.09 style, so I can't issue a \usepackage{times} command so that
the generated .pdf file is readable both in Acrobat and when printed.

Does anyone have a way out of this? Does anyone know the 2.09 equivalent
of \usepackage{times}? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. 


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