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Concernant « Re: [pdftex] How to produce individual pdf chapters... », Jaime E . Villate écrit : «
» On Thu, Mar 15, 2001 at 02:21:02PM +0100, Irene Sendiña Nadal wrote:
» >     Is it possible from a main file (with the several
» > \include{chapter1}...)
» > to obtain separate chapters in individual pdf files when you compile
» > with pdflatex?.
» Sure, that's a LaTeX, rather than pdflatex issue. I do it this way:
» typein[\chaps]{Which sections (or all)?}
» \ifthenelse{\equal{\chaps}{all}}{}{\includeonly{\chaps}}
» \begin{document}
» \include{chap1}
» \include{chap2}
» \include{chap3}

the problem is that hyperlinks won't work if you do this that way. You
can shipout only the relevant pages, but hyperlinks will point to non
existing anchors for the other chapters.

What would be required would be a different process for each chapter,
maintaining external links. I'm afraid that the solution would be to
make separate documents for each chapter, and using xr...
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