[pdftex] character protruding

Ulrich Dirr ud at art-satz.de
Wed Mar 7 10:16:27 CET 2001

> The meaning of rpcode\lpcode changed from 0.14h. I attached
> the code I use myself for `daily' use. This code assumes OT1
> encoding.

Thank you. I think everything is working now -- except ...

... that the regular font (AJen.tfm; /FontName /AJen def; AJen.pfb)
only protrudes the hyphen but nothing else (in both PDF  and DVI
mode). I've tested it with a preamble like

	{\Sans \setprotcode\font}
	{\Serif \setprotcode\font}

and defined, e.g. \Serif



I'm experiencing the same behavior with my small caps font
(the italic, bold, bolditalic variations are o.k.).

What could be wrong? How can I debug this?

Another question: is it possible to have different prodruding values
for different fonts/font sizes?

Ulrich Dirr

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