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Dok, D. van d.vandok at ecn.nl
Wed Mar 7 09:27:56 CET 2001

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> Hi,
> I try to produce a document (pure text, no formulas) using Helvetica
> as font for the text itself, the pagenumbers and the headings.
> I tried it in two different ways:
> 1. I run LaTeX on my document, convert dvi into ps (using dvips) and
>    ps into pdf (using Ghostscript).
> 2. I run pdfTeX on my document and get the pdf file directly.
> Now the point is: When I open the two pdf documents with Adobe Acrobat
> Reader, I get the same font information, "Helvetica", as expected.
> What I don't understand: Obviously the fonts in the two pdf-files are
> _not_ identical (the difference can best be seen at the capital "G").
> I have the font definition files hv.pfb/pfm etc. for Helvetica, but
> how do I tell pdfTeX to use _this_ font instead of some
> Helvetica-substitute?

Helvetica is one of the 35 or so standard fonts that are built-in to acrobat
reader and all pdf/postscript interpreters, such as ghostview and PostScript
printers. So pdfTeX does the right thing to not include it with the PDF
file. I don't know why dvips behaves otherwise.

I've encountered funny things with standard fonts myself: when I print a
document typeset in Times Roman, I notice slight differences between the
printed result (on a PostScript printer) and within Acrobat Reader. Notably
the pilcrow sign is solid on screen, but hollow on the printer.

Dennis van Dok

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