[pdftex] pdftex update

Michel Bovani michel.bovani at wanadoo.fr
Sun Mar 4 11:59:34 CET 2001

At 22:31 +0100 3/03/01, Heiko Oberdiek wrote:
>At 17:06 28.02.2001 +0100, Michel Bovani wrote:
>>2- dvips -E -o fig0.eps fig0.dvi
>With standard setup you are including the CM fonts in
>pk format (bitmap). It is better to include the
>Type1 format of the CM fonts.

Yes, of course. I *don't* use standard setup, I have  p +bsr.map in 
my config.ps (I hate pk format, in fact:)

I also try to include other type1 fonts, like adobe garamond, in a 
pdf image, in to include this image with pdftex 014h 20010126 : it 
did not work again...
Have somebody try my test file with this version of pdftex, 
especially with cmactex 3.7 beta ?

Michel Bovani

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