[pdftex] gif --> eps --> pdf. HELP ME.

Jörg Spanke spanke at isas-dortmund.de
Wed Jun 27 10:08:28 CEST 2001


> This is what I get. I tried two different route.
> First way:
> A1- Open picture.gif by Corel
before you export it do the following:
A1a: Draw a rectangle around the picture use a white background and
no outlines for the rectangle. This is for the bounding box of the EPS file.
If you are using GIFs you do not need to do this.
A1b: Set the pagesize to the same size as the white rectangle (or the GIF). 
Corel will use the pagesize for the PDF. 
> A2- export to both .eps and .pdf format
> A3- LaTex and respectively pdflatex
> .dvi output is fine
> In the .pdf output, the picture is very small, in the middle of a new page.
> It seems that an entire new page has been imported. Why? 
Because thats what CorelDraw is doing by default. I think in CorelDraw 8 
there is no other option. In CorelDraw 9 if you choose "PDF publishing" there 
is a option "Exportarea"->"Selection" try this, it should only export the 
graphic object.  


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