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Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Mon Jun 25 17:31:07 CEST 2001

> On Sunday 24 June 2001 16:01, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> > Kaja P. Christiansen writes:
> >  > We can close the list, i.e. allow only members to post, but I it's not
> >  > my decision to make. How do people feel about it?
> >
> > oh, I thought it *was* closed. I certainly think it should be.
> >
> 1. Me too, if not I vote in favour.
> 2. I also propose that "anonymous" email providers should be blocked . . .  
> well at least the most notorious sources of spam: i.e. *@hotmail.com (the 
> matest), *@yahoo.com, *@msn.com, etc. These services are undoubtedly useful 
> whilst one travels the globe, but are also the source of the most puerile 
> spam.

Hey, don't go overboard about this.
As a maintainer of another list at  tug.org  I can assure you
that many more spam messages come to the administrators than
actually get through to the list. (It's <5% at a guess.)

Anonymous names *are* blocked already, as are more particular ones,
such as the  HaHaHa  Snowhite virus.

Sebastian said he'd just made an administrative change, so that should
be enough on this topic for now.


	Ross Moore

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