[pdftex] Make money

Michael Chapman mchapman at mchapman.com
Sun Jun 24 23:57:16 CEST 2001

On Sunday 24 June 2001 16:01, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> Kaja P. Christiansen writes:
>  > We can close the list, i.e. allow only members to post, but I it's not
>  > my decision to make. How do people feel about it?
> oh, I thought it *was* closed. I certainly think it should be.

1. Me too, if not I vote in favour.

2. I also propose that "anonymous" email providers should be blocked . . .  
well at least the most notorious sources of spam: i.e. *@hotmail.com (the 
matest), *@yahoo.com, *@msn.com, etc. These services are undoubtedly useful 
whilst one travels the globe, but are also the source of the most puerile 

Michael Chapman.

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