[pdftex] pdftex oddity???

Marc van Dongen dongen at cs.ucc.ie
Sun Jun 24 17:32:29 CEST 2001

Dear group,

I am experiencing a difference between pdftex
and LaTeX generated documents which I cannot
explain. I use a recent TeTeX distribution.

Assume latex and dvips are used to create a
ps file called and pdflatex and acroread are
used to produce another from the same source.

The problem is that the pdf route causes---what
seem to be---errors in the positioning of
printable things e.g. commas curly brackets.
They are normally printed too far to the
left. I have only experienced this phenomenon
in math mode. With LaTeX and dvips I do not
have these problems. I have appended a short
example which should demonstrate the problem.
LaTeX and dvips produce good output. With the
pdflatex route a combination z\,\} in math mode
results in the z and curly bracket touch each
other in the postscript. If you view the pdf
it seems to be okay-ish?

Am I overlooking anything?
Any suggestions as to how to solve this?

Thanks in advance.


Marc van Dongen
     Marc van Dongen, CS Dept | phone:  +353 21 4903578
University College Cork, NUIC | Fax:    +353 21 4903113
  College Road, Cork, Ireland | Email: dongen at cs.ucc.ie







  C_{\set{ #1 }}%

     \ blah%

 \begin{example}[What is Wrong Here?]
     Is there anybody who knows what causes the
      curly first closing bracket in the second line
      of the next example to be printed too far to the
      left with the route: pdf\TeX\ to ps via acroread?
     With \LaTeX\ to ps via dvips this does not happen

     Blah \blah{17}.
     $\C{ x,y,z } % This is where things screw up.
       = \set{ \tuple{ 2,1,1 } }$.
     Blah \blah{30}.



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