[pdftex] Re: tex2pdf 2.1 release -- Alright, my _ignorance_ is supreme!

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Sat Jun 16 13:09:28 CEST 2001

On Sunday, June 10th, TheBS ignorantly wrote:
> is there any work being done on getting PDF "bookmarks"
> implemented in the output? 

Okay, we've had several threads on this spread over the LyX and TUG
lists and everyone has been quite helpful.  Again, I'm the non-TeX
guru who uses LyX as a "crutch" and likes to use the distro's
packages and avoid building things from tarballs if I can (I'll "rpm
--rebuild" from .src.rpm liberally, but try to avoid tarballs ;-). 
As such, my level of "ignorance" and/or "naivity" here is golden ...

Because I just realized something.  I have been running "tex2pdf" on
FoilTeX presentations, which only gave me thumbnails and in-page
references, but no bookmarks.  The second I ran it on "regular"
article or book document, I got _all_ the PDF bookmarks.  Dooh! 
Maybe I should have tried that first, eh???

Sorry to have troubled everyone here.  Just getting that capability
has been superb.  I'm sure there are additional capabilities I could
get by upgrading pdftex and other components, but this will work for
now (do newer versions of pdftex know about FoilTeX for

Maybe I should put together a "PDF/SGML/TeX Publication Newbie
HOWTO" so ignorant smuckies like me don't "stink up the list"? 
;-PPP  Given the "vastness" of TeX, etc..., it would take an
extremely narrow approach to just "getting up and running."  In
fact, I'd probably make it so it would be just how to get "up and
running" with popular RPM distros (largely RedHat-centric), with
LyX, tetex, docbook, openjade/jadetex, pdftex, hyperref, etc... 
Written mainly for "the guy who wants to chuck MS Word" (like I did
in 1998).

Would anyone else like to see something like this?  Is there already
such a document out there?  I looked around LDP and didn't see much
"in detail" on LyX and PDF publication with all the TeX utilities
(most were either TeX "in-depth" or "basic" publication overviews).

Thanx for all your help.

-- TheBS

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