[pdftex] Re: tex2pdf 2.1 release -- Alright, my _ignorance_ is supreme!

Henk Coetzee henkc at geoscience.org.za
Mon Jun 18 09:20:28 CEST 2001

On Sat 16 Jun 01 18:09, Bryan J. Smith wrote:
> On Sunday, June 10th, TheBS ignorantly wrote:

> Maybe I should put together a "PDF/SGML/TeX Publication Newbie
> HOWTO" so ignorant smuckies like me don't "stink up the list"?
> ;-PPP  Given the "vastness" of TeX, etc..., it would take an
> extremely narrow approach to just "getting up and running."  In
> fact, I'd probably make it so it would be just how to get "up and
> running" with popular RPM distros (largely RedHat-centric), with
> LyX, tetex, docbook, openjade/jadetex, pdftex, hyperref, etc...
> Written mainly for "the guy who wants to chuck MS Word" (like I did
> in 1998).
> Would anyone else like to see something like this?  Is there already
> such a document out there?  I looked around LDP and didn't see much
> "in detail" on LyX and PDF publication with all the TeX utilities
> (most were either TeX "in-depth" or "basic" publication overviews).
I'm not sure if such a document exists, but I would so like to have one, I 
may even be willing to help. I confess that my knowledge of TeX is minimal 
(Thanks in no small part to LyX), but for the absolute newbie, it may even be 
useful to mention LyX in a PDF/SGML/TeX HOWTO.


Henk Coetzee

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