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At 10:38 2001-07-18 +0100, Jaime E . Villate wrote:
>On Tue, Jul 17, 2001 at 07:03:28AM -0400, Y&Y Support wrote:
> > Also, people in so-called "metric' countries shouldn't slap
> > themselves on the back too hard.  Supposedly the world change
> > to SI in about 1960, but I don't see that having taken hold.
> > One sees mixtures of cm and m, use of deprecated units
> > like Angstrom and centigrade etc.
>cm and Celsius temperature are perfectly legal SI units.

(1) one is not supposed to use any but the "1000 times"
versions of units, hence mm, m, km are OK,
hectares and Angstroms e.g. are not.
"cm" is a classic example of
something that it is suggested one no longer use,
but that is widely used --- often in wonderfully
inconsistent ways right next to mm and m.

(2) Where did I say Celsius?

>The SI does not imply
>that we only use m for distances and K for temperatures.
>(See for instance: R. Nelson, "Guide for metric practice", Physics Today,
>vol. 46, page BG 15, 1993).
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