[pdftex] Use It ?

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Fri Jul 13 10:17:35 CEST 2001

> On Wed, Jul 11, 2001 at 09:52:25AM +0200, Martin Schröder wrote:
> > But what do you expect of someone who
> > says "Some countries use 8.5x11, while others use A4" when the
> > only countries which don't use A4 are the USA and Canada? :-)
> Did my homeland (Colombia) become part of the USA and I didn't notice it?

i'm sure mr bush would prefer it that way: the usa has far too few
colonies, just now ;-)

> or is it that you do not consider it a country? In fact, I think most
> latinamerican countries (if not all) use letter-sized paper.

martin's doing what so many usa authors tend to: assume that the
opposite camp smaller than it is in reality...

> (notice that the author of the ISO A4 paper that you cite talks about
> "industrialized nations")

markus is a good guy (and he has a lecturer appointment[*] as of
earlier this year) but even so he's not completely infallible.  i bet
there are other industrialised (whatever that means) countries that
use letter as their standard size...


[*] == associate professorship, in usa universities.  but the salary
is (even) lower...

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