[pdftex] hyperref and list of floats

Aiko Huckauf Aiko.Huckauf at epost.de
Sun Jan 14 21:50:15 CET 2001

Hallo Peter,

WPR>     You might find that the ccaption (note the double c) package should work for you:
WPR> \usepackage{ccaption}
WPR> \newfloatenv[chapter]{Tafel}{taf}{Tafel}
WPR> \makeatletter
WPR> \def\toclevel at Tafel{0}    % stops a warning from hyperref
WPR> \makeatother
WPR> ...
WPR> \listfloats{Tafel}{Tafelverzeichnis}

WPR> Peter W.

Indeed, the ccaption package works. Many thanks!


Aiko Huckauf

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