[pdftex] Destination of links within one document

Jascha Repp repp at physik.fu-berlin.de
Wed Jan 3 16:00:55 CET 2001


I recently used pdftex and I like it very much. But I have had a problem
with the destination points of links within one document, which I think is
a general problem and I wonder how others think about that:

The destination point is set by the command \pdfdest to the bottom of the
current line of text. So if I refer to this destination point the left
upper corner of the Acrobat Reader window is set to exactly this point in
the document. (This is the case if the Acrobat Reader Window is a lot
smaller than one page, otherwise the whole page can be seen).
This seems to be correct so far but it has a problem: The line of text,
which I refer to, is then NOT to be read, because it is exactly ABOVE the
visible section of the text. 
So I would have to set the destination point one or two lines BEFORE the
line, which I want to refer to. This is not a very nice solution, because
one does not know where the lines will end and in some cases it is even not
possible, for instance if I want to make a link to the beginning of a
So I found another solution, which is to put the \pdfdest command into a
\put command within the picture enviroment. This enables me to add an
arbitrary y-offset to the destination point.

Did anybody had this problem? 
Is there any nicer solution to this problem?
Is this problem already known to the programmers and solved in the next
version of pdftex?

Thank you in advance.



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