[pdftex] clipping of pdf-graphics

Aiko Huckauf Aiko.Huckauf at epost.de
Tue Feb 27 11:00:07 CET 2001

>> But with the new system the graphics are obviously _not_ clipped: in
>> the log-file I found the explicit message
>> "no clipping support in pdfTeX"
>> which never occured before, as long as I used pdfTeX 0.14d.

> Maybe you have a new pdftex, but an old pdftex.def?

> Grab a new one from http://www.tug.org/applications/pdftex/pdftex.def
> and try what happens.

Yes, indeed, it was that simple. With the new pdftex.def everything's
working fine again. Thank you very much for the hint!

Aiko Huckauf

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