[pdftex] Re: Problems in pdf-images in pdflatex output

Kalle Tuulos kalle.tuulos at iki.fi
Wed Feb 28 00:44:21 CET 2001

I wrote:
> Have you any idea, why images included into LaTeX-document are
> somewhat broken in PDF output when viewed with Acrobat 4.0? If same
> file viewed with GSView, everything looks ok. My installation is
> following: MikTeX 2.0 (/w pdflatex 0.14f) + Ghostscript 6.50.

Some more information: if viewed with Acrobat 4.05, included PDF
images look fine. So this seems to be some already corrected bug
in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

But, still I would like to have a work-around because the
recipients for my document use version 4.0 and I can not affect
the version they use.

   - Kalle

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